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Friday, January 27, 2012

Idenity Theft

This past Monday my husband logged into his bank account and saw that there was an unexplained debit for $146. We don't share an account (yet) but he asked me if I could think of somewhere we spent that amount. He said it looked like it had been something paid online, not via check or by someone swiping a debit card at a store.

I've had my idenity stolen, twice, in one year. It's not fun. Especially when you're dependent on a debit card because you never carry cash and your debit card becomes invalid the moment your bank validates the false charges on your account... so...

He called his bank and asked them to look into it, which they did but couldn't explain it. Then Wednesday the same thing happened with a $66 payment to Chevron. He called the bank again and they decided to cancel/stop payments on in-coming checks and were going to possibly have to change his account number. Yesterday, Thursday, a few more payments went through and finally one with an actual copy of a check written. He looked at the check and it was signed with his mother's signature.

A little history.... When I changed my name on my bank account after we got married, I asked my husband if he would meet me at the bank to be added to my account. He was too busy and said "you aren't on mine yet, so it doesn't really matter." I've seen his checks before though and his mother's name is on his checks along with his. This was done because he used to run a business where his mother lives and she was able to pay bills out of his account when he was gone with those checks.

Back to yesterday.... he called his mother and it took her about 10 minutes before she finally realized she had indeed paid her bills with his account.... $750 worth of bills.

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