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Thursday, February 9, 2012


My mother in law has a ton of weird mannerisms that I could write at length about, but I thought I would start with 10 so you can have a picture in mind.
  1. She's 62 years old. She loves Chicos and CBS.
  2. While gardening, she sometimes pees outside on her grass instead of going inside to use the bathroom.
  3. She lives in a rural area of Florida where black bears roam. She keeps a compost pile and bears sometimes come on the property looking for food. I have heard her over the phone saying, "Now Bear, you get outta here now." Like it understands her or something.
  4. She was raised lower middle class, but now seems to have plenty of money.
  5. She invested in 2 lots right when the housing market was crashing and complains about this "investment" every chance she gets.
  6. She's half Greek, southern, and talks really fast.
  7. Because she's half Greek she wanted Baklava and chocolate covered almonds to be served at my wedding. It didn't happen, nor did "just cake and punch".
  8. She calls my husband's brother (BIL) #1, even though he was born 2nd.
  9. At one time she had 13 cats and 2 dogs. She is down to 4 cats at the moment (I think).
  10. Most of the conversations I have with her start with her saying the words "You need to...".

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