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Monday, March 26, 2012

Life with MIL

Mother in law told my husband on Saturday she may come for dinner on Sunday (yesterday) and when we hadn't heard from her by 3 in the afternoon, I thought she wasn't coming. To be safe I asked my husband to call her and ask her if she was coming. Yep. She said she'd be there in an hour. He got off the phone quickly, but I made him call her back to tell her that I would be cooking and dinner would be ready by 5. I don't like to eat that early, but I didn't want her to think she was coming to my house to take over my kitchen like she normally tries to do. Also, she lives an hour and a half away and would have to drive home afterwards. MIL has never spent the night at our house and probably never will. Whew!

My husband helped clean up, which he always does and she always makes a big deal about it saying, "I can't believe you're doing dishes, you never do that at my house". To which I say, "that's because you always tell him he's doing it wrong and you've babied him his whole life." Okay, I don't really say that, but I want to. Instead I just smile and nod.
After that, my husband laid on the couch and I was stuck talking to MIL about all kinds of weird topics, like her cousins' sex lives with their ex-wives and her ex-boyfriends cancer stricken son. MIL just ended her 2nd relationship since the passing of my husband's father. She didn't date for 4 years, but has now ended 2 relationships. I hope she finds another man soon because she's talking about selling her house and moving 40 minutes from us. She says it is to in the same town as her closest friends, but also to be closer to us.
She has lived in the same town her whole life, with the exception of a 6 month stint in Fort Lauderdale while she went to cosmetology school. She's gone to the same church her whole life, works for her brother, and owns her house on 2.5 acres and 2 lots and lives across the street from the beach. I don't understand her wanting to move, but she was insistent that the time was coming soon where she would be selling her house and moving.

When my husband and I mentioned that we hoped to buy a house in the next few months, she said we should buy a house with some land where she could build an addition and live with us some day. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN. We haven't been been married a year, and she is already thinking she will live with us? At this juncture, my husband spoke up from the couch and said, "Why don't you move near BIL?" 

She didn't really get the hint, but said she needed to be near us in case something happened with her health. Near us is better than next to us, I suppose.

... on her way out the door she said she needed to go to the bathroom. As she was walking out the door she said, "I had to poop, so I left the fan on."

Really. Wow. My family can be pretty crass but wow, that was totally unnecessary.
She showed up an hour late, when dinner was already on the table. She also showed up with TONS of food in in hand. She started to take things out and I told her to sit down as dinner was hot and ready. She brought all kinds of extra things she wanted served with dinner so I heated rolls and some vegetables in the microwave, but that was it. She wanted us to have all her leftovers, as usual, so I split them up into various containers while she stayed at the kitchen table. I was grateful for her not to be in my kitchen. Also, she complemented my cooking which was nice of her and a rarity.

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