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Monday, November 25, 2013

A late wedding gift.

I haven't talked to my MIL in 5 months. Right after moving here, I called to let her know our new address, but before I could even tell it to her she went on and on about her own life, not asking about how our move went, how my new job was going, or about our new house. I ended up emailing our address to her.

About a month ago we got a wedding gift in the mail from MIL's cousin. MIL called a few times asking if we'd gotten it, but it turns out that she gave her cousin my husband's old PO Box address, not the address I emailed to her. My husband told her he closed the PO Box account and she claimed I never emailed her our new address. I went to my sent items, pulled up the email I had sent her and forwarded it to her so she'd have it again and then we got the gift, albeit 2+ years after we got married.

My husband was so annoyed by the constant phone calls asking if we'd received it, that he told me when it came in to just mail it back.  I didn't and the day after we received it, I sent a thank you letter and another email to my MIL telling her that we had finally received it.

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